About Us


We are Kenny and Sadie; the Traveling Taveners –  a couple of kids with big dreams of traveling the world! We decided when we got married that we wanted to live our life with no restriction in terms of our dreams and where our travels were going to take us. We were both born with a little bit of a gypsy soul ready for adventure. This blog exists as a place for us to upload our past, present, and future trips with tips, advice, and recommendations for others. Anything from our favorite local getaways or our favorite restaurants abroad, we will have you covered! Saving, planning, packing, eating, drinking, sleeping; you name it, we will give you all we know about it!

We hope this blog inspires you to live out your dreams and travel this beautiful world. If you have any reservations about going on your dream vacation, we hope that this will motivate you to JUST GO!

We are forever adventuring, exploring, traveling, truly living.

” Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

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